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http://imgur.com/a/uxEZY look at my pictures! I made e-juice with weed extract, to vape in my rda's and rta's. I tried other methods but this one worked best for me 

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Jan 7, 2020 CBD Reddit; Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. image Vape: Vaping CBD is a lung-friendly way of inhaling the herb. This method THC is the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant that makes users high. Aug 23, 2018 submit to reddit In the last week alone, I've seen people vaping weed in public parks, waiting in line The liquid inside your vape cartridge might not look like the leafy green pot you grew up with but that's exactly what it is. Jan 17, 2019 If you're looking for a case, there's a good chance you've already purchased your whole vaping set-up, from a delicious e juice, to the perfect  Jun 19, 2019 When you are new to using CBD vape oil, it can be difficult to know which dose is the correct dose for you. Too little and you won't feel the 

Sep 18, 2019 “That's a lot of pods,” one Reddit user wrote. “Good idea,” said E-liquid CBD refills for marijuana vapes from a shop in France. Phillippe 

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